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12 Gruesome Realities of Death by Seppuku

Posted: 16th June 2017 by steelwidow in Stories

With its complex, refined ritual and unadulterated brutality, seppuku, is surely one of the most fascinating (and horrifying) ways to commit suicide. Maybe you already read what committing seppuku is like as far as methods, tradition, and history are concerned, but you’re still curious. After all, in your last minutes, as you disembowel yourself, what […]

Terrifying! Someone made an IRL SpongeBob and Patrick

Posted: 16th June 2017 by steelwidow in Stories

It took a little digging around to figure out who made these “real life” versions of SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star. They’re scary has hell to look at. To feel the full-effect, click on the images to enlarge ‘em to see what I’m talking about. The artist who made these 3D characters is named Miguel […]

The Horrifying And Lethal Experiments Of Unit 731

Posted: 16th June 2017 by steelwidow in Stories

In World War Two, Japan created a top secret project named Unit 731 which sought to learn more about human physiology. Officially called the Epidemic Prevention and Water Purification Department of the Kwantung Army, Unit 731’s methods were completely unethical – and that’s putting it lightly. Brutal human experimentations were conducted in Unit 731 that […]

If Edgar Allan Poe were still alive, he would have celebrated his 208th birthday on January 19th of 2017. Sadly, Poe died under mysterious circumstances on October 7th of 1849, aged only 40. Poe was a very prolific author; he left behind a remarkable legacy of exceptional stories and poems that established him as the […]

A Hendersonville man was caught having sex with a pig after his penis got lodged in the pig’s vagina. David Chavez of Hendersonville, North Carolina is in police custody after a local farmer found him having “inappropriate relations” with a pig on his property. The farmer, not wanting to be named publicly, reported hearing loud […]

The Devil seems like the last being you’d want to end up chatting with during an EVP session. Real recordings of the Devil are impossible to verify, but that doesn’t make them any less spooky. Whether you’re a non-believer, on the fence about the existence of Satan, or are 100% sold, these supposed times the […]

Summer #Bizarre #Reading: #Weird #Book Recommendations

Posted: 11th June 2017 by steelwidow in Stories

If you’re looking to dig into a new book to satisfy your morbid curiosity, you’ve come to the right place. See the whole assortment here! This selection of morbid must-reads from Cult of Weird includes:   •Books about death, funerals, and mourning •Weird history •Cryptozoology •Archaeology •Science •Travel •Paranormal & haunted places •Circus history and […]

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) – The severed head of a young man was found on the front steps of a Mississippi home and police are working to identify him. Jackson Police Cmdr. Tyree Jones says the rest of the man’s body has not been located. The head was found Saturday about 9 a.m. Jones says authorities […]

‘Humanoid’ Spotted in Indiana: It Sounded like a Pig

Posted: 9th June 2017 by steelwidow in Stories

HOBART, Ind. — A group of people in Lake County claim they came upon a humanoid creature. One of the Hobart, Indiana, residents, who chose to remain anonymous, says that he and a group of people were walking on a trail when the”entity” showed up about 10 days ago. “It crossed our path,” he explains. […]

Surgeons Remove HUGE Intestine From Constipated Man

Posted: 9th June 2017 by steelwidow in Stories

The 22-year-old patient, who remains unnamed, is thought to have been born with a rare condition known as Hirschsprung’s disease. The highly unfortunate condition is caused by missing nerves, which would ordinarily help to squeeze and relax the bowel while passing… erm… turds. As a result, all that nasty stuff can become backed up and […]