While Vice dubbed ‘Hold the Dark’ the most brutal movie on Netflix, I have seen this so-called gem and believe it to be a total disappointment. It’s really about a man’s infatuation with his wife, albeit, directed at her which turned deadly for others. This movie never hits its target!


What we’re told the movie is about (description on Netflix): In the grim Alaskan winter, a naturalist hunts for wolves blamed for killing a local boy, but he soon finds himself swept into a chilling mystery.

What the movie actually is (about): This woman lives in a remote Alaskan location in a very tiny town. Her husband is out of town, fighting in the Middle East. Her child is killed. The movie makes you think wolves took him. She writes this publisher who is familiar with wolves in the wild. He arrives in Alaska. He hunts wolves per her request. Decides not to kill wolves. Wife wanted him to kill wolves. He goes back to her house after deciding not to kill them. Wife is gone. He looks around house. Finds dead child in basement. Wife has went on the run. Cops arrive. Cops take writer guy to hotel and asks for statement. Meanwhile, Father in Middle East is shot in neck and is sent home. We don’t know if he knows about child although she apparently “sent word” but never actually called him. Dad arrives home. Somehow, dad, dad’s close Indian friend, wolf writer guy and cops end up at morgue. Dad goes in to see dead kid. Cries. Comes back out. Tense moments w/ wolf writer guy and lead cop. They leave the scene, a few other cops stay and are talking w/ dad and dad’s Indian friend. Dad shoots cops in heads. Goes inside morgue and shoots up everyone in there. Takes kids body. Indian friend and dad take kid out in the middle of no where and bury kid in snow during some sort of personal ritual. They leave and go back to super small village where dad’s house is. Indian friend gives dad a vehicle and goes to his own house. Dad goes to his own house and eats, reads files, etc. Leaves in car. Dad goes on hunt for wife as it’s now clear that mom killed her own kid. Next day. Wolf writer guy shows up in small tiny town at same time as cops as they now know dad went on rampage at morgue (they’re looking for dad). More dead in tiny town. Indian friend makes it a white cop vs Indian issue and mayhem ensues. Indian friend dies. Only ones left alive are wolf writer guy and lead cop. They leave. Go get a plane. (apparently everyone in Alaska can fly a plane) They fly around looking for wife who killed kid. (I know bare with me) Meanwhile, dad is looking for wife too. Follows her to some mine place. Speaks to lady at an Inn there. She’s weird. Finally says she seen wife. Shows dad room where wife slept. He smells sheets. Leaves. Goes to mine across the way. Speaks to “Indian Hunter” and he says yeah seen wife, she left her mask (wolf mask). Dad look at it, puts on another wolf mask, shoots “Indian Hunter”. Goes back out to truck. Inn chick shoots dad. Dad bleeding. Goes to friends house. Cocaine sniffer friend finds dad in garage. Fixes him up. Calls cops on dad. Dad comes out and hears conversation and then puts on mask and shoots friend. Dad leaves. Has idea where wife might be. Movie switches back over to lead cop and wolf writer guy. They land plane on ice in middle of no where. Start walking. See something move in bushes. It’s dad. Dad pro-arrow shoots lead cop through his body. Cop dies. Dad takes off, still heading to where he thinks wife is. Wolf writer guy takes off. Comes across cave with heated spring inside. Wife mentioned it earlier in movie. (I know jesus christ stay with me). Wolf writer guy goes inside and wife is there. He tells her that her husband is coming after her. (NO SHIT!?). I don’t even know what she says. Dad shows up. Arrows the shit out of wolf writer guy. He falls on ground. Dad goes over to wife. He’s still wearing mask. Grabs her by throat. Starts to strangle her. She takes his mask off. He stops strangling her. They come together and fall to ground. (At this point you know sex is involved somehow). A long time later the wolf writer guy wakes up. Dad standing over him with no mask on. Reaches down and gives writer guy a hit off a smoke. Pulls arrow out of writer guys (shoulder?) body. Dad and wife leave. Wolf writer guy makes it outside somehow and there’s wolves looking at him from some hill. Next scene is some snow mobile people picking up writer guy and they put him on a sled. They tell him “they spared you”… the wolves? the fucking parents? both? who fucking knows? Then writer guy is in the hospital and his daughter asks what happened and he said I’ll tell you. Then next thing you see is the mom and dad towing the kid behind them on a sled walking through the woods.


Oh yeah I spent the whole movie on some kill spree and see you in some damn cave and all of the sudden we have sex and hey it’s alright we’re good now.

Ok. Thanks for reading.

Don’t even waste your time watching this piece of shit.



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