12 Gruesome Realities of Death by Seppuku

Posted: 16th June 2017 by steelwidow in Stories

With its complex, refined ritual and unadulterated brutality, seppuku, is surely one of the most fascinating (and horrifying) ways to commit suicide. Maybe you already read what committing seppuku is like as far as methods, tradition, and history are concerned, but you’re still curious. After all, in your last minutes, as you disembowel yourself, what does seppuku feel like (other than extreme pain)? Well, wonder no more, because the following list will let you know what it might feel like to experience death by seppuku. It goes without saying, but be warned: the contents are graphic, much like the guts that flop from your stomach when you cut yourself open, like fish thrown from the ocean onto a boat.

Seppuku dates back thousands of years, and has been used as a means of suicide well into the modern age. It is steeped in tradition, honor, and a sense of self-responsibility and redemption many of us will never grasp. It’s also incredibly painful and complicated, and takes a lot of self control. We don’t recommend trying it for yourself (duh).

If you’re still wondering what dying from seppuku is like, read on for all the gory details.

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