All The Nopes! Man licks monkey’s ass to save its life…

Posted: 6th June 2017 by steelwidow in Pics

  1. steelwidow says:

    Over on our FaceBook page we’ve had quite the little discussion about whether this is true or not. I must say that monkey would die if it were me. I’m not licking no animals ass. But clearly this man is a ‘true’ animal lover.

    According to other news stories on this the little guy was the first of his kind to be born in 10 years. He was too small to pass a peanut stuck inside his little intestine so the zoo keeper did what he had to do to stimulate the monkey to get him to pass the peanut. He was too small for any type of meds too.

    IDK ya’ll but this zoo keeper needs an award. Here’s the story:

    More Sources:

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