Sell Your Soul

By steelwidow

Yes you read it right. Sell your damn soul. How does it work? You’ll see….

mwwwwhahahahhaha! *Sputter Sputter

**Cough Cough

Seriously tho. We’re still getting up this new design so chill out for a bit. You newbs don’t remember the old site where you had to follow a maize of pages before you could sell. We’re coming up with a new way to do it! Less hassle. And face it, souls are highly underrated these days. Everyone’s out there doing God knows what? Shock factor on that shit is zero now.

Nevertheless, your shit is still worth something. So come back later when we’re able to check out your value.

<color=red>Right now we’re working on a soul calculator so we can tally up what that shit is worth….

In the mean time you can always post a message here to put yourself on our waiting list.


Bye Felicia!


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