Destroy relationship: #Witchcraft #Spell (ebay)

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Edgar Allen Poe First Edition The Raven (ebay)

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Vintage Ouija Board Game (ebay) $22.36

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Hellraiser Puzzle Box (Ebay) $18.99

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This vampire painting hung in the actual lobby of the famed Le Theatre du Grand Guignol in Paris. Jen and I found this amazing discovery in an Oddities museum in Hot Springs, Arkansas!

Founded in 1897, the Grand Guignol was the original Horror theater, famous for their onstage gore.

I’ve been wanting to do a project based on the Grand Guignol forever, so I swooned when we discovered this treasured artifact.

12 Gruesome Realities of Death by Seppuku

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With its complex, refined ritual and unadulterated brutality, seppuku, is surely one of the most fascinating (and horrifying) ways to commit suicide. Maybe you already read what committing seppuku is like as far as methods, tradition, and history are concerned, but you’re still curious. After all, in your last minutes, as you disembowel yourself, what does seppuku feel like (other than extreme pain)? Well, wonder no more, because the following list will let you know what it might feel like to experience death by seppuku. It goes without saying, but be warned: the contents are graphic, much like the guts that flop from your stomach when you cut yourself open, like fish thrown from the ocean onto a boat.

Seppuku dates back thousands of years, and has been used as a means of suicide well into the modern age. It is steeped in tradition, honor, and a sense of self-responsibility and redemption many of us will never grasp. It’s also incredibly painful and complicated, and takes a lot of self control. We don’t recommend trying it for yourself (duh).

If you’re still wondering what dying from seppuku is like, read on for all the gory details.

Terrifying! Someone made an IRL SpongeBob and Patrick

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It took a little digging around to figure out who made these “real life” versions of SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star. They’re scary has hell to look at. To feel the full-effect, click on the images to enlarge ‘em to see what I’m talking about.

The artist who made these 3D characters is named Miguel Vasquez and you can visit his site here to see more. If you dare… , that is.

See story and rest of pics here

When you suck at your job (Pic)

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The Horrifying And Lethal Experiments Of Unit 731

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In World War Two, Japan created a top secret project named Unit 731 which sought to learn more about human physiology. Officially called the Epidemic Prevention and Water Purification Department of the Kwantung Army, Unit 731’s methods were completely unethical – and that’s putting it lightly. Brutal human experimentations were conducted in Unit 731 that resemble things straight out of a horror movie. It shocks the mind to think that these experiments really happened, but indeed they did.

Japan committed war crimes throughout WWII that are cruel and horrifying. They used grisly torture methods on countless victims that ranged from bamboo torture to cannibalism. However, the worst methods occurred in Unit 731. Located in Manchuria, most of the test subjects for Unit 731 were Chinese.

By the end of the war, as surrender became imminent, the Japanese involved with Unit 731 attempted to destroy all evidence of the unspeakable crimes they committed. Unlike their Nazi counterparts, the mad scientists running Unit 731 were never punished for their morbid human experimentation. It would be many years before witnesses started speaking out about the unit, and only now does the public understand what really went on there.

People Were Vivisected Alive

Human test subjects in Unit 731 were strapped down to operating tables and then dissected while still living without any anesthetic. Organs were removed and reattached in strange ways. Like a scene out of The Human Centipede, the stomach would be removed and the esophagus would be attached directly to the lower intestines. Pieces of lungs and other tissue would be cut out while the doctors observed the subject who was usually screaming in agony. This continued until the subject died, at which point a new one would be rolled in for examination.

See the rest here

If Edgar Allan Poe were still alive, he would have celebrated his 208th birthday on January 19th of 2017. Sadly, Poe died under mysterious circumstances on October 7th of 1849, aged only 40.

Poe was a very prolific author; he left behind a remarkable legacy of exceptional stories and poems that established him as the master of mystery and the macabre. Some people chose to honor Poe’s legacy in unique ways. One of them was the anonymous figure who visited Poe’s grave on his birthday for more than 70 years. The anonymous earned the nickname the “Poe Toaster” because of the special celebration of Poe’s birthday he practiced each year.

The Poe Toaster would visit Poe’s original grave in Baltimore, Maryland, before dawn every January 19th. He was dressed in a black coat and wore a white scarf and wide-brimmed black hat. He would bring a bottle of cognac, pour himself a glass, and recite a brief toast to honor Poe’s legacy. He would then leave the rest of the cognac by the gravestone and decorate the gravesite with three red roses.

Many people tried to identify the Poe Toaster, but he (or she) always managed to cleverly escape before being photographed. There are several theories about the identity of Poe’s mysterious admirer, but the facts remain unknown. Almost like a character in some unwritten story, the visitor acquired his own following.

In January of 2009, on the day when Poe would have celebrated his 200th birthday, the original Toaster was seen raising his glass for the last time. Fans of both Poe and the Toaster from all over the world were baffled when he didn’t appear in January of 2010.

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