A Hendersonville man was caught having sex with a pig after his penis got lodged in the pig’s vagina.

David Chavez of Hendersonville, North Carolina is in police custody after a local farmer found him having “inappropriate relations” with a pig on his property. The farmer, not wanting to be named publicly, reported hearing loud squealing coming from the pig pen in the back area of his property. Suspecting that wild dogs might be trying to hurt his pigs, he quickly grabbed his shotgun and made his way out.

Confused, the farmer alerted police. Deputy Ryan Cooper, an employee at the Hendersonville Police Department, explained “When we got there they were locked up pretty good. It’s not the sort of situation you expect to get called to, it was extremely disturbing. We had to use warm water to get them apart.”

After police managed to separate Chavez from the pig, he was taken into custody. According to reports, Chavez just cried saying, “I love her. I wasn’t hurting her.” He later told police he believed the pig was his soul mate from a previous life, and that he’d been having an intimate relationship with her for the past 6 months.

Chavez is currently being charged with indecent exposure and cruelty to animals.


Opinion: Dude you’re fuckin nasty. Keep smoking meth! Oh and you might want to do something about that melting face problem you have.

We’re hoping to encounter all things Mothman, and these are the things we’re gonna do in Point Pleasant, West Virginia in September, 2017 so mark your calendars! You’ll even get a Bizarre Abyss T-Shirt!

Those interested in going should leave a comment on this page so we can contact you with lodging, cost, itinerary, etc. You can also go to our FB page (you’ll need to ask to join) and leave a comment under the pinned story that you’re interested in going and we’ll IM you.

Whoever would like to join us is welcome! If you don’t know who or what the Mothman is, click here for the Wiki on the Mothman.

Point Pleasant, West Virginia is the setting for a series of bizarre sightings of a creature described by witnesses as a demonic bird with the body of a man, ragged bat wings, and glowing red eyes. Mothman, as it came to be known, was first spotted on November 12, 1966 by gravediggers when it swooped out of the trees over their heads. On the 15th, two couples driving in the TNT area witnessed the creature in their headlights. It then proceeded to chase after them.

The next day, the Point Pleasant Register ran the headline: “Couples See Man-Sized Bird…Creature…Something.”

More sightings and other strange events occurred over the next year, including over a hundred reported mothman sightings, UFOs, and even Men in Black threatening witnesses into silence. These events seemingly culminated in the disastrous collapse of the Silver Bridge on December 15, 1967.

After that, the mothman sightings stopped.

Did the creature cause the disaster, or was it trying to warn of impending doom? No one knows for sure. But if you want to investigate the legend yourself, here are six mothman-related things to do in Point Pleasant:

Visit the Mothman Museum

The Mothman Museum and Research Center was opened by author Jeff Wamsley (Mothman: Behind the Red Eyes) in 2005. The museum is has videos, recordings and newspaper clippings, as well as props from the 2002 film The Mothman Prophecies, which was loosely based on the book by John Keel.

While you’re here, grab a t-shirt and a plush mothman from the gift shop.

Enjoy a Mothman Cookie at The Coffee Grinder

Where can you find green frosted mothman cookies with red eyes? The Coffee Grinder in downtown Point Pleasant. Get one for me, while you’re at it! Mothman looks delicious.

Attend the Mothman Festival

The Mothamn Festival is held annually during the third weekend of September in downtown Point Pleasant. The event features vendors, live music, guest speakers, mothman tours, a mothman pancake eating contest and, of course, the Miss Mothman pageant.

Explore the TNT Area

The TNT area is the site of an abandoned World War II munitions plant called West Virginia Ordnance Works. It was here that the first recorded sighting of Mothman occurred, and where the creature was considered to be most active. Hayrides and guided shuttle tours let you walk the paths where mothman once lurked and explore the bunkers where the legend was born.

Take a Mothman Bus Tour!

Take a selfie w/ the Mothman Statue!
This stainless steel sculpture with creepy red eyes by artist Bob Roach is located in Mothman Park on 4th Street in downtown Point Pleasant. Stop and take a photo with mothman.

Visit the Silver Bridge Memorial!

Locals worried that the historic K&M Railroad bridge would fall into the river someday. As it turned out, it was the more modern Silver Bridge downriver that collapsed unexpectedly. It was rush hour, and a hairline fracture in an eyebar support gave way, sending 31 vehicles into the icy waters of the Ohio River. 46 lives were lost.

The memorial is located along the Ohio River where the bridge once stood.

A scale model of the original Silver Bridge can be seen at the Point Pleasant River Museum, as well as an eyebar assembly from the collapsed bridge.

See more pics and things at the source page for this idea


Cooking With Cannibals

Today, in the jungles of New Guinea, the Korowai tribe are among the last cultures to practice cannibalism. To them, it is a revenge ritual. The act of consuming human flesh is a bid to ward off evil, particularly the khakhua—a demonic creature that brings inexplicable death and must be killed, dismembered, and eaten by the cannibals to be stopped.

Everything is consumed, except for the teeth, hair, bones, fingernails, toenails, penis, and head, which are kept as trophies and displayed as warnings for other khakhua.

From rituals like this to history and horror stories, cannibalism has remained a taboo topic.


In 2010, 800,000-year-old butchered bones were found in Spain’s Gran Dolina Cave, indicating that cannibalism was rife among western Europe’s cavemen. But, a mammoth would make for a much better prehistoric dinner party platter. Let’s talk nutrition facts:

One mammoth can feed 25 hungry Neanderthals for a month, but cannibalizing a human would provide the crowd with only a third of a day’s calories. For our size, we aren’t packed with a ton of juicy calories. According to estimates, boars and beavers pack about 1,800 calories into each pound of muscle compared to a measly 650 calories from a modern human.

Read more at source

The Devil seems like the last being you’d want to end up chatting with during an EVP session. Real recordings of the Devil are impossible to verify, but that doesn’t make them any less spooky. Whether you’re a non-believer, on the fence about the existence of Satan, or are 100% sold, these supposed times the Devil spoke to people are worth consideration.

There’s something inherently unsettling about these creepy recordings of the Devil. It’s not just that they might prove the existence of ultimate evil – it’s the way they sound, and the phrases that are used. Instead of logical sentences, this audio that might possibly be the Devil is made up of phrases like “thrill kill,” “come closer,” and unintelligible moaning. Are these clever hoaxes, or chilling proof of another plane of existence? Either way, these recordings are best listened to with the lights on.

The Devil Speaks Through A Spirit Box

Hear all the other 13 recordings here

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Celebrate seven strange years of Cult of Weird with a special birthday Box of Weird giveaway featuring weird novelties and oddities.

Cult of Weird manifested in our reality from the slimy ethereal sphincter of the cosmic nether seven years ago, on June 23, 2010. It began as my own personal excuse to research historical mysteries, keep tabs on the latest weird news headlines, and collect strange things like freeze-dried piranhas and antique coffin hardware.

The Cult has since grown into a beast I can barely keep up with, serving up a daily dose of deranged to over a million insatiably curious minds every year.

As a thank you to all of you who read my ramblings, share on social media, post funny, insightful or intellectual comments, and generally make this all worth doing day after day, I’ve decided to celebrate with a Box of Weird giveaway.

Win a Box of Weird

As you may know, from time to time I put together these things called Boxes of Weird, so named because I can’t think of anything clever to call them. These unique collections of oddities and novelties (contained within in a generic cardboard box!) are usually only available for my favorite holidays: Halloween, Krampusnacht, and Cannibal Week. However, to celebrate 7 years of what the hell am I doing with my life, I decided to throw together a special Box of Weird giveaway with random things I have lying around.

What’s in the Box?

One (1) randomly selected winner will receive a box containing:
•Cannibal Isles T-shirt (comfy AF, unisex size LARGE)
•Goatman: Flesh or Folklore? by Cult contributor J. Nathan Couch
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•Cult of Weird Bookmark
•Bone pen
•White scarab specimen in lucite
•Miniature Mayan Temple of the Inscriptions (for very small human sacrifices)

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