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Edgar Allen Poe First Edition The Raven (ebay)

Posted: 16th June 2017 by steelwidow in Sites

Vintage Ouija Board Game (ebay) $22.36

Posted: 16th June 2017 by steelwidow in Sites

#Birthday Box of Weird #Giveaway by Cult of Weird

Posted: 11th June 2017 by steelwidow in Sites

Celebrate seven strange years of Cult of Weird with a special birthday Box of Weird giveaway featuring weird novelties and oddities. Cult of Weird manifested in our reality from the slimy ethereal sphincter of the cosmic nether seven years ago, on June 23, 2010. It began as my own personal excuse to research historical mysteries, […]

AI Can Predict When You Will Die!

Posted: 7th June 2017 by steelwidow in Sites

Artificial intelligence is able to make a pretty accurate guess at how much longer you’ve got to live, as shown by a new study published in the journal Scientific Reports. In the “the first study of its kind”, scientists from the University of Adelaide used artificial intelligence to predict which patients would die within the […]

Do something for God Sakes! Help Humans Help Animals

Posted: 6th June 2017 by steelwidow in Sites

Helping Animals At Risk is one of our favorite stores! “Our aim with this store is to raise awareness about the threats posed to the future of many species. We offer beautiful apparel and clothing that will help you or your loved ones look stunning and unique, while at the same time you show your […]

#Confess Your #Sins

Posted: 31st May 2017 by steelwidow in Sites

No time for church? We got you! The confessional is now open. Click here to confess now.