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This Goth-Filled Seaside Town Inspired ‘Dracula’

Posted: 5th October 2017 by steelwidow in Places

Giant Straw Animals Invade Japanese Fields After Rice Harvest And They Are Absolutely Badass

We’re hoping to encounter all things Mothman, and these are the things we’re gonna do in Point Pleasant, West Virginia in September, 2017 so mark your calendars! You’ll even get a Bizarre Abyss T-Shirt! Those interested in going should leave a comment on this page so we can contact you with lodging, cost, itinerary, etc. […]

Creepy places you can actually rent on Air BNB

Posted: 11th June 2017 by steelwidow in Haunted, Places

As inexpensive, wacky, out of the way, rental properties become more of a desire for vacationers, Airbnb has had to really dig deep to find livable places to rent out to travelers. And that means renting out homes that might come with something extra, like a ghost roaming the halls or a fully functioning 13th […]

The history of psychiatric hospitals throughout the world is pretty bleak. Patients were often admitted for minor reasons and then spent the rest of their lives inside the hospital walls. During the early days of mental health care, electroshock therapy and lobotomies were common practice and usually done without anesthetic. It’s no surprise, then, that […]

Come sit with Satan on the Devil’s Chair

Posted: 30th May 2017 by steelwidow in Places

If you have ever been to a cemetery, you many have noticed intricately sculpted chairs or wooden benches scattered throughout. These resting places (the chairs and benches, not the grave plots) were first constructed in the nineteenth century, are referred to as “mourning chairs,” and have been placed about cemeteries for visitors to have a […]

The “Center of the Universe” is a little-known mysterious acoustic phenomenon. If you stand in the middle of the circle and make a noise, the sound is echoed back several times louder than it was made. It’s your own private amplified echo chamber. As the legend goes, a foghorn could be going off in the […]

Researchers say they’ve discovered as many as 7,000 graves beneath the University of Mississippi Medical Center’s campus in Jackson. The land was part of the Mississippi State Lunatic Asylum until it shut roughly 80 years ago, and experts say the find that was announced at the weekend potentially offers closure for families whose relatives vanished […]

Chilling look inside the Glore Psychiatric Museum

Posted: 19th May 2017 by steelwidow in Places

In 1874 the state of Missouri opened the “State Hospital for the Insane #2” more commonly referred to as the “Lunatic Asylum #2.” The asylum prided itself as the kind of institution that took on the “noble work” of “reviving hope in the human heart and dispelling the portentous clouds that penetrate the intellects of […]